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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cyprus - Practical Information

In Cyprus there is talk in the Greek Cypriot part Greek and Turkish occupied area Turkish. Almost all Greek Cypriots speak very good English.

Money matters
Since January 2008 charged with Cyprus with the Euro.
The most common debit and credit cards are used in Cyprus.

In restaurants or on a terrace is no tip included. Common tips are around 10%.

Travel documents
You must have a valid passport or identity protection. This also needs to be on the day of return valid.

No vaccinations are required for Cyprus.

It is better not to drink tap water but to buy bottled water.

It is necessary to take a power strip along the sockets in Cyprus are different than us.

Caution! It runs on Cyprus left. So look one more time before crossing. Should you use a rental car then also pays extra attention.

Time Difference
It is one hour later than in the Netherlands.

This is very rare. Cypriots will definitely not count inlets here but they are not the only ones on the island, so stay alert.
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