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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cyprus - Practical Information

In Cyprus there is talk in the Greek Cypriot part Greek and Turkish occupied area Turkish. Almost all Greek Cypriots speak very good English.

Money matters
Since January 2008 charged with Cyprus with the Euro.
The most common debit and credit cards are used in Cyprus.

In restaurants or on a terrace is no tip included. Common tips are around 10%.

Travel documents
You must have a valid passport or identity protection. This also needs to be on the day of return valid.

No vaccinations are required for Cyprus.

It is better not to drink tap water but to buy bottled water.

It is necessary to take a power strip along the sockets in Cyprus are different than us.

Caution! It runs on Cyprus left. So look one more time before crossing. Should you use a rental car then also pays extra attention.

Time Difference
It is one hour later than in the Netherlands.

This is very rare. Cypriots will definitely not count inlets here but they are not the only ones on the island, so stay alert.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Travel to Amsterdam

Schiphol airport

Transportation to and from Schiphol

By car: For long-term parking is at Schiphol Smart Parking
All information can be found on (Schiphol, airport parking)
By schiphol taxi: Even with a wheelchair, you can use this taxi service.

Reporting check
You should be at the check of the airline 2.5 hours notice to report.
This time you really need to check-in, passport control and baggage check. In particular, check a wheelchair takes time.

Passport control

You must have a valid passport or European identity protection. These should be based on the day of return. Still valid


You may free 20 kg baggage per person and up to 8 kg of hand luggage bring along babies (0-2 years) there is a baggage allowance of 10kg plus a collapsible pushchair, maxi cozy.

New baggage rules

The new rules on liquids in your hand luggage:

• You can only take liquids in containers of no more than 100 milliliters.
• These containers must be carried in a transparent plastic bag.
• Each person is allowed one transparent plastic bag.
• The transparent plastic bag must be resealable.

Liquids understood to include:
Water and other drinks, soups, creams, lotions, oils, sprays, gels, toothpaste, deodorant, perfumes, shaving cream,etc.

Always allowed:

• Baby food, which is needed for the duration of the trip.
• Medications that are required for the duration of the trip.

Purchase liquids at the airport or on board the airline
Liquids, such as drinks and perfumes, are permitted if:

• Liquids in the shop or on board in a bag are packed and sealed.
• Liquids demonstrably on the day of the flight purchased (show receipt)
• The seal of the bag has not been broken.


If you need to use drugs, it is wise to take. Medications a passport This should include the active ingredients of the drug are listed. In case of loss of your medications the pharmacy / hospital can be seen in the holiday which drug you use. This passport is available at your pharmacy.

Netherlands at its best

Also looking for the most attractive places in the country?

The world has many beautiful areas and also Holland certainly holds its own.
The provinces that we provide the most beautiful places and are easily accessible.
We went to look at some beautiful places in North Holland, on the island of Texel and Gelderland.

For you we have some 3 excellent locations are in the leafy, quiet and close to our capital city Amsterdam, Alkmaar and the island of Texel.
From here you can take excursions.
Holland has a lot to offer; cities, small towns, the sea and the beach, dunes, islands and much folklore. Especially in the spring Keukenhof.

amsterdam photo

Located in the center of Holland lies this beautiful and special province.
The Veluwe we have a very convenient place so you can find Beekbergen. This is special because of the programs held here for young people with a mild disability.
In this relaxed atmosphere surrounded by nature, you can make wonderful and beautiful excursions.

The island of Texel
One of our islands should not be missed. Texel has much to offer tourists and certainly if they have a disability. The weather is always better than the rest of our country. You can enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches, beautiful dunes, the sea that you can participate, including fish and shrimp go in search of our well-known Dutch stamps. If you really take very exciting to do something you can from a plane with a professional counselor to do a tandem jump.
Obviously Texel can also be combined with the mainland.

South America, Ecuador & Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands

The Republic of Ecuador is located in northwestern South America. Ecuador is still relatively unknown as a holiday in the Dutch and Belgians.
The last few years this country has not only emerged as a very special and friendly holiday also gives you a lot of attention to travelers with physical disabilities and their travel partner.

The four different zones of Ecuador.
The mainland can be divided into three zones: the Costa (coast), the Andes (plateau) and Amazon (jungle). Besides the landscape, each zone also has differences in climate, flora, fauna and composition of the population.
The Galapagos Islands with its unique nature is very famous and worth visiting.
the Costa

Galapagos Islands

The coast of Ecuador smoke is relatively flat with a few hills here and there, with a maximum height of 800m with beautiful sandy beaches.
North the coast consists of mangrove forests, tropical rain forests and sandy beaches. South forests are increasingly giving way to large plantations where bananas, sugar cane, coffee, cocoa and rice are grown.

The Andes
The Andes runs from north to south like a spine through the country. The Andes consists of two parallel to each other mountain ranges. Between the two mountain ranges runs the highlands with fertile valleys. Due to the constant climate, this was a popular area for the establishment of settlements. Quito, the capital, is situated at an altitude of about 2850m.

The Amazon
The Amazon region is located on the eastern side of the Andes. There numerous rivers flowing here. The Amazon River itself does not flow through Ecuador, or perform dozens of tributaries of the Amazon large amounts of meltwater from the Andes down. The largest rivers are the river Napo, river Tigre and river Pastaza.

The Amazon region consists mainly of tropical rainforest. Also known as the "green lung" for the world. Much of the polluted air emitted globally is purified by this rainforest.

The Galápagos Islands

This group consists of about 11 islands and many small pieces of land or rock. They are at the height of the equator at approximately 1000 km west of the coast of Ecuador. The volcanic Galapagos Islands are a paradise for nature lovers and will amaze because of its unusual beauty. Amazed The miraculous collaboration between animal and nature will impress you.

Diving in the Galapagos Islands

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