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Friday, August 15, 2014

Netherlands at its best

Also looking for the most attractive places in the country?

The world has many beautiful areas and also Holland certainly holds its own.
The provinces that we provide the most beautiful places and are easily accessible.
We went to look at some beautiful places in North Holland, on the island of Texel and Gelderland.

For you we have some 3 excellent locations are in the leafy, quiet and close to our capital city Amsterdam, Alkmaar and the island of Texel.
From here you can take excursions.
Holland has a lot to offer; cities, small towns, the sea and the beach, dunes, islands and much folklore. Especially in the spring Keukenhof.

amsterdam photo

Located in the center of Holland lies this beautiful and special province.
The Veluwe we have a very convenient place so you can find Beekbergen. This is special because of the programs held here for young people with a mild disability.
In this relaxed atmosphere surrounded by nature, you can make wonderful and beautiful excursions.

The island of Texel
One of our islands should not be missed. Texel has much to offer tourists and certainly if they have a disability. The weather is always better than the rest of our country. You can enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches, beautiful dunes, the sea that you can participate, including fish and shrimp go in search of our well-known Dutch stamps. If you really take very exciting to do something you can from a plane with a professional counselor to do a tandem jump.
Obviously Texel can also be combined with the mainland.

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